iPhonehellas.gr recently posted on their site that a very reliable source, which they cannot name, has told them that the new iPhone firmware 2.2 will be released to the general public on November 21.

The new release doesn’t have all the features we have been looking for but any step forward is a step in the right direction.

According to iPhonehellas these are the features that will be included with the release:

  • Google has its own bar in Safari
  • Auto-correction toggle switch
  • 461 Japanese emoji icons
  • New languages
  • The Line-in audio is activated and can be used through the headphone jack
  • Google Streetview
  • Walking directions
  • Google Transit information – for public transit
  • Tell a friend/Report a problem buttons now in App Store
  • App Store sector Categories now shows icons
  • Added possibility of scoring app when deleted
  • Direct download of podcasts