With tethering now a certainty confirmation by AT&T, Ralph de la Vega offered up his dreams of what he believes the iPhone could mature to be. His list was long and pretty fantastic.

According to his vision, iPhones would start everyday loading news through RSS, send a message to your coffee machine to start the perculator, and then wake you up with the alarm. And should you by chance while enjoying that cup-o-joe decide the screen is too far, then with a wave of your hand (iPhone in it) the feed will appear on your TV.

Time to go to work, so you lock up, get in your car (which is started by the iPhone) and then the iPhone continues to read YOU the news as you drive. Once at work, it initiates a conference call to foreign clients who are not well versed in the Queens English. The iPhone realizing this will translate the conversation into your native tongue, and your’s to theirs (HOLY UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR, Capt. Kirk!)

Pretty Sci-Fi, right? But then again remember this is AT&T talking here. And one thing they don’t do, is parse words or tell fables. Now will any of these things and more show up anytime soon? Like in the next year or two? Probably not. But they say they are experimenting with all kinds of neat goodies. Like their Fiber Optic IPTV service called U-Verse.

What was not discussed and in fact totally avoided was discussions involving whether they planned to launch the Android Phone or what will be done when the exclusive contract between them and Apple expires in about another year. De la Vega did state however that AT&T plans to use part of the 850 MHz spectrum to reinforce and improve their signal in densely populated areas like NY where I can tell you first hand the coverage is spotty and unreliable. And the use of Femtocells to increase signal performance indoors.

Sounds like neat stuff…..We’ll see.