BigBoss and Ipodtouchmaster have decided to release a beta version of SBSettings on for some testing. Here are some screens and instructions on how to get it rolling…

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I am posting SBSettings v0.90b (beta) here on the site for beta testing. The version that will go into Cydia will be a one click install. But dpkg does not account for dependencies. Therefore, there are going to be some steps to take.

1) Load cydia and install libhide. Or, using ssh run: apt-get install libhide.

2) Make sure you have mobile substrate installed. If not, apt-get install mobilesubstrate (or just install winterboard)

3) Install sbsettings_toggles_pack1_1.10 first. Get the deb and copy to /tmp on iPhone. To install it run “dpkg -i sbsettings_toggle_pack1_1.0.deb”. (Note: you may need to right click and “save as” to save the deb. Some of the round-robin servers mime types aren’t set so it may try to show in the browser).

4) Finally, get the sbsettings_0.90b.deb, copy to /tmp on iPhone and run “dpkg -i sbsettings_0.90b.deb”.

5) Respring using bigboss respring app (need it to rebuild the cache properly as killall SpringBoard won’t do it). If you do not use the proper respring, you will nto be able to launch the settings app using the ‘more’ button the SBSettings app. But you could just hit the respring there instead and it will correct the problem.a

Note, these steps are for advanced users and early adopters. If you want, wait a day or two and it will be in Cydia.

Instructions for use:

– Slide across statusbar to show the window. (Tap once with two fingers seems to work also) Tap the close button to dismiss the window.

– The big buttons are toggles. Red is “OFF” Green is “ON”.

– The “more” button brings up the settings app which lets you configure which settings you want available, hide icons, and other bossprefs like things.

– The “refresh” button will refresh the state of the icons in case it gets out of sync.

Known issues:

1) The icons are refreshed only on respring. It is possible for them to get out of sync. This is by design because it is a significant performance drain to constantly refresh these things. But you may have to occasionally press the refresh button if you believe the states are incorrect. One example is toggling airplane mode on, and the WIFI button stays lit green. (This may be fixed in near future by adding a phone-only airplane button).

2) The SSH toggle is very slow after the iPhone has sat idle for a bit. It does work just be patient.

3) The “add your own toggle” is not yet designed. Be patient.

4) There are times where the iPhone is very low on memory and bringing up the window is not very helpful. Example is maps app while its locating you or some cases inside safari.

5) The SSH and “more” button are implemented by launching apps. Therefore, they will only work if you have no other app loaded.