Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics is a new game in the App Store that has some interesting promise and with a few tweaks can be a wonderful game.

Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics, which will be now referred to as Dougie, is an interesting game that can be quite exciting and a good use of the accelerometer. In Dougie you play as well… Dougie Moo who is a cow essentially floating on a life saver of sorts trying to assemble different colored balls, while avoiding obstacles, all while the time is quickly ticking away. This game is rated 4+ now I am sure that is due to the non violent and sophisticated nature of the game but I found it a little difficult to handle at the beginning. Although once I got the hang of it everything seemed ok. The game has an interesting goal that I haven’t seen in a game prior on the iPhone so it doesn’t look like Dougie is mimicking any other app which is a good thing, and the music in the game is definitely a plus. The music isn’t very active but it is soothing and nice to listen to while swimming around in the virtual pool.

However there are a few things about the game that I didn’t like. The largest one is a severe lack in decent graphics. Everything that doesn’t move in the game looks like it is well done… things such as the timer, score, goals, and logos look amazing but they give false hope. When playing the game I felt like I was playing a 16 or even 8 bit game on my top of the line iPhone. One of the biggest things I look for in a game or app is the fact it has to look/sound as good as it operates. Now I can give Dougie the success of having a decent soundtrack but I just felt very down to see the graphics. Now some might say “hey this might be an iPhone but it is still a handheld device what do you expect?”, and to that I say “hey go try Bejeweled 2!” The thing I love most about Bejeweled 2 is when you beat a level the time warp that happens! It looks amazing! So if we can do that why not better graphics on Dougie? Now I know graphics don’t make an amazing game but you have to honestly think if Pac-Man looked as good as the game play was now imagine how much you would want to play it. I mean it is fun to do as it is but imagine if it was 3D and crisp clean graphics! Or Galaga for that matter!
Dougie overall is an interesting concept and game design, it is simply lacking in a few areas. I find the tasks a little difficult but that is just me. The music is nice but graphics are not, you can’t save the game, the credits are forced down your throat when you quit the game, and the game is 3.99. If it was .99 I would say go ahead and get it, it is worth the random times you would play it. But due to the price and what is currently lacking I would say don’t buy it unless you have nothing else to do. I just don’t see myself picking up my phone just to play this game. Sorry Dougie but get a new graphic stylist and we can negotiate.