We have all anxiously awaited the day Planet-iPhones.com swag would appear so we could all promote our favorite iPhone site for all to see, and that day has finally arrived! Back in January the idea was presented to the members of the forum and we asked if you would be interested, and the response was undoubtably a “Yes”. Up until today we have been relentlessly working on what gear would appeal most to our users and here it is at last! http://zazzle.com/planetiphones

You can get shirts, mousepads, sweaters and much more! As of right now we only have a few choices on designs, but we are tediously working on great new ideas!

The apparel is available in a range of colors but with the current logos we recommend black. The images are high in quality as is the material they are printed on, so rest assured you won’t be disappointed. We have ordered many of the items already to see for ourselves and are quite impressed with the results! There will constantly be new additions to this store, so check in on it often! Also, if you feel you don’t have much to spend? Don’t worry, because the prices range from 10.95 to 38.95! So buy big, buy small, just show everyone who we are!