Fieldrunners is an amazing tower defense game that has been brought to the iPhone.  For those of you who have played a tower defense game this is a dream come true, for those who haven’t you might wanna check out my favorite Vector TD X.

Tower defense type games have a very straight forward objective, kill everything…  The more of the enemy that get across from one side of the arena to the other then the more lives you lose.  There is usually an array of different “towers” that you can choose from.  Some do splash damage, some slow them down, and some are just fast single damage.  When you get into the different versions of the game, such as Vector TD X, there are towers that make enemies go back in time or warp.

This game is no different in the way it is played.  However unlike some apps on the iPhone it has amazing graphics and gameplay.   Fieldrunners has 4 towers to choose from, one does continuous single target damage, one slows enemies, one does splash damage, and one does massive damage.  Each one of these towers can be upgraded twice to have a level 3 tower.  The best thing I like about the game is unlike a lot of tower defense games I play you get to make your own path.  You build towers side by side in whatever pattern you want and the bad guys follow it, assuming there is no path they can run away on because they have a goal too ya know…

The newest update has these new features:

  • New! Maps to defend!
  • New! Sound and music!
  • New! Towers to reign ultimate destruction!
  • New! Fieldrunners to dominate!

Overall this game is amazing and can pass time quite easily.  Definitely worth the 4.99 that it is selling for right now.  No reason not to buy this app unless you are incredibly broke, in which case why do you have an iPhone anyways?