The EU is working on instating a new plan/law that would require electronics manufacturers to have easily removable and replaceable batteries in their devices.

We all know that Apple has long made their devices to be very difficult to replace parts, and the iPhone is no different. It is sealed almost everywhere and the battery itself is soldered in with no easily interchangeable connectors. But the EU hopes to change all of that with this new law. The goal is to provide consumers with an easier way to replace batteries in devices that have low cycle life so they won’t end up in a landfill, battery intact, and destroy the environment.

Apple argues however that their involvement in replacing the battery is necessary to reach the same goal. Because consumers can’t/don’t know how to remove the battery they are forced to send it to Apple in which they take the necessary precautions in disposing of the battery properly.

Now although this law is set to be passed in Europe that doesn’t mean it won’t hit home. A similar move was made some time ago with the independent iSight and it had to be remade after being under fire from the EU for hazardous substances. Apple has always made the virtually the same product for everyone on the globe and if they have to change one they will probably change them all.