This app began as an online web app where you could log into all of your chat clients and your information was stored online, back when online apps were all you could get a lot of.  But now it has evolved into much more…

I have used most if not all of the chat apps out there including but not limited to, MobileChat, Fring, AIM, Meebo, Beejive online, and everything in between.  But every client seemed to be missing something, if one had a special service then it was missing a much needed other service and nothing ever seemed to be complete.  But with this latest app it all seems to be present!

All the features you could ever ask for are present in this app, vibrate and ringer notification, you stay logged in even when app is closed, email notification of new messages, MySpace IM, AIM, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo!, MobileMe, ICQ, Jabber, and Windows Live.  So if you have push email either through Yahoo! or Mobile Me then you get updates immediatly so you don’t have to keep the app pulled up constantly.  The new app on Cydia called Backgrounder works well with it keeping the program running and activly giving you updates to your messages in real time.  There is also NO lag as there normally is with the online chat apps and even downloadable apps on the phone.

The one con about this app is the price tag.  At a hefty 15.99 on the iTunes Store it does put a dent in your pocketbook as far as apps go but as far as I am concerned it is worth it.  I don’t normally get apps on my phone if they aren’t free but this is one I definitely suggest.  Especially if you utilize push email and chat regularly with people.  Who knows maybe they will have a sale soon so you can get it cheaper!