GOOD NEWS! iTunes is going to remain open. Now that is out of the way, Like Issac Newton, the CRB and National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) felt the force of gravity when Apple dropped on them the clear cut statement of. “You wanna get greedy? We’ll close shop”. This message was read loud and clear by the CRB and NMPA when the largest music retail store rattled its saber.

The CRB decided (most intelligently) to keep rates at 9.1 cents with a mandated 24 cents/ringtone This was an unprecedented move by the board who has never in its history made mechanical rates for digital files.

“We’re pleased with the CRB’s decision to keep royalty rates stable,” said an unnamed Apple spokesman.

A Music industry source stated “Sure it was posturing, I don’t think Apple would have gone out of business but a statement like that from the biggest music retailer is going to carry some weight.”

It seems the point was driven home and made clear. ‘Nuff said.