Weird things were always missing from the iPhone since release. Full use of the “Accelerometer”. PDA – PDA communication. Voice recognition and dialing…..Well maybe not that last one so much anymore. A Belgian Company by the name of Creaceed, seems to be attacking this issue head on by introducing Vocalia.

Vocalia is an English speech recognition app that will allow for your “mush-mouthed” speech to be interpreted by the phone to then function as it should by voice command, through the use of key activation words. As it stands now the programs ability is very limited. So limited in fact that as it stands right now, all it does is open contacts when you say “names” and will locate a name. And then still you have to tap the screen to open the name for the numbers…..Meh. I know not ground breaking but hey…It’s a start and a good one.

So how well does it do? Test have been said to have scored 98 out of 100 names called up. Now me personally? I’ll take a 98% on any test. (That just makes the cut within the realm of an A+ for all you high school drop outs). And that was all done without Vocalia being trained (good doggy). But it puts those names in a list of 3 of the closest sounding names. In that list the tests confirmed that 83% of the lists contained the correct name right at the top.

Whew….Who would have thought getting a contact would be a multiple choice question test? But with all these percentiles being mentioned? It’s like were back in school anyway. How well this program will work with poor enunciation or English breaking accents is unknown at this time. However with the training ability this commentator is firm in the belief that these issues can be overcome.

So between now and October 18th Vocalia is being sold in the App Store for $3.99. Afterwards the price shoots up to the full price of $7.99.

(It is my opinion due to the such limited use and function, that this item like AirShare, should be free until that date at least, and at best when they actually make the App more functional. But hey, I work for you guys and not Creaceed. So they don’t take my suggestions.)