Ever since the original iPhone came out in 2006, consumers complained about having no Flash support or capabilities. Flash is used all through out the web, in videos, games, advertisements and more! Well well well we found out that Adobe’s CEO had Flash running on the iPhone emulator since June. The follow quote confirms that Adobe is working on the iPhone Flash Player:

“Upon a direct question from the audience, Paul Betlem for the first time publicly confirmed that Adobe is actively developing a Flash Player for Apple’s popular phone. He said (not direct quote) ‘My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform.’ He noted that Apple makes all the decisions, so in other words, the ball is in Apple’s yard at this time. If Apple says yes, Adobe will have the player available in a very short time.”

Flash will be supported by an application in the near future. The problems are that it takes up ridiculous amounts of resources and drains battery life. Also Apple is most likely going to reject it from the App Store without even testing it out. Unless Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) and Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) work out some sort of agreement.