It’s finally here!! Stack has been missing in action since 1.1.3 firmware… For those of you who’ve been jailbreaking since the original iPhone first came out, you’ll remember that it was one of the first on Installer. But mysteriously the loved application disappeared when Apple upgraded their firmware to 1.1.3 and that was back then when people used ZiPhone to jailbreak and unlock. Maybe it wasn’t ported because it was too much of a bother? There was no time? Nobody knows but the developer, Steven Troughton-Smith.
For those who don’t know what it does, it’s a drop-dead simple application launcher that spreads like a fan from your Button Bar on touch, or if teeming with icons it displays in grid view. Simply drag & hover icons from SpringBoard to add to Stack, and to remove items again just start dragging them in the Stack and they will disappear replete with a puff of smoke. Also supports WinterBoard themes! More than 5 total icons in Stack switches it from Stack mode to Grid mode. See screenshots for examples.
I thought Stack was gone and lost forever in the jailbreaking world. But after (probably the longest wait) it made the jump all the way to 2.1. A few extra improvements have been added and I sure love it. Things like grid view (as mentioned up above), tap and drag adding/removing, and even Preferences so you can customize it to your needs. You can turn off/on Grid View and turn on/off Curved Stack.
This originally came with Installer but I guess Cydia is more popular nowadays and Installer is still bugged and useless (sorry Installer!). Go download and install it in Cydia and have fun with it!(It’s under the System section just to let you know.)