As you all know the Apple iPhone 2.1 software improved a lot of bugs as stated here on the Apple Site. Signal strength seems to have improved for those who have upgraded to the new version. But in reality, it really hasn’t… People are still reporting slow 3G & EDGE speeds, delayed SMS’s, and etc. On their website it states: “Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display.” Odd thing is, there’s nothing about faster or better signals. So for Apple, that’s something they’re going to have to look into and hopefully will fix. The most accurate way to get an almost exact signal reading is to dial “*3001#12345#*” in the and pressing Call. You should then see the “” pop-up and your signal bars should be replaced by a number. These are numbers that indicate strongest signal strength: -50, -75, -80, -95, & -113 are all healthy.

Also in this update the huge problem with battery was addressed. Most people do see slightly improved, if not much better, battery life, but some do say that it’s become worse. The iPhone is a mobile super computer that revolutionizes how we use technology. Even though people complain about how battery life isn’t long enough, where can you find a computer that lasts a day on a single charge?

Genius playlist creation is a new feature built into the new update in both iPhone 2.1 and iTunes 8.0. “Genius” describes itself with it’s name: G e n i u s. If you choose a song and when you put it into a Genius playlist, it automatically searches for any other like song in your library. So depending on your mood you can pick a song that fits that mood. And since it’s a bother looking for songs you might want to listen to, your iTunes or iPhone does that for you.

Other than that, the 3rd party apps are truly making use of the iPhone’s capabilities, features and functions. Apple listened to feedback and fixed the speed of installing apps, faster loading, and now there’s barely any hangs while using the applications.

Although this update did improve stability, there still are some problems left for Apple’s developers to work out.