ICS.. most of us know the acronym stands for Internet Connection Sharing…  However this is one thing that the iPhone has failed to implement very well or even at all.  But this application makes the iPhone do what it always should have.

Many of us have used the iPhone Modem, or iPhone Modem zsrelay, or even tried to tether the iPhone by online tutorials.  Even though all, or some, of these programs work very well none of them are as easy or as close to the ICS we all know and love.  For example, I used to have the HTC Hermes that used WM5 and it had ICS and all I had to do is connect the phone and away I went and this program is no different.

When tethering your iPhone most users think of using the SOCKS proxy because that is what each of these applications utilize but PDA Net seems to just act as router without any special strings attached.  I am not the guru of networking by any means, which is one of the reasons I am keen to this program, but I like to believe this program acts in a different manner.  The program is fairly simple, you create an ad-hoc network, connect your computer and iPhone, then turn on the router and you are done…  I was online in a matter of 30 seconds with absolutely no hassles at all!  This program seems easy enough anyone can use it, and that’s the way it should be.