iPhone Modem zsrelay was recently put on Cydia for download claiming to be the original iPhone Modem.  They simply released a few days later so they were forced to change names.  As the first iPhone Modem, it is intended for use on Mac and currently doesn’t freely support any other operating system; but what it does do it does rather well.

Set-up was a breeze, open the program and enter the variables and you are done, no problems. I logged in, and there is an advanced page that is supposed to show you the upload and download but it never seemed to register but that was no biggie.  I then tried to login to Firefox and Adium to no avail.  So I tried changing the SOCKS settings but still got no where.  I then decided to search around and found out that the program itself is still in beta and currently only supports Safari OTB.  I feel dumb…  so I try out Safari and away I go…

After I browsed around for a while I decided to call it quits but after closing the program I couldn’t log back into normal wireless.  No matter what settings I changed I couldn’t get rid of the manual IP setting, even though manual wasn’t enabled!  I had to restart before the correct settings took effect.

Overall this program is very good but has to get a few kinks out which is to be expected from beta.  But the thing I like about the program most is the simple fact that it is FREE versus the fake iPhone Modem that is 9.99 shareware! Just give it a little while to be tested some more and built up then I am sure we will have an excellent tethering program on our hands!