Griffin has just released a new minimalist speaker set up titled AirCurve, that utilizes acoustics rather than electronic amplification of the iPhone’s built in speakers.  These speakers are made of a polycarbonate compound that aids in boosting the acoustics of the piece.  The speakers are clear and sleek as all Apple products should be and require absolutely no power to run!  There is also a slot where you can charge the iPhone while it is on the speaker base.  Better yet, the speakers are only 19.99!


 If having a louder iPhone is not for you, then maybe you would like to get a case from Griffin, aptly named Clarifi, that has a built in telescopic lens for the camera without any unecessary thickness added to the back of the phone.  Griffin made a case that has a slideable tab to change from normal view to telescopic view in one easy swipe.  The case itself is a durable polycarbonate material to protect your phone fromsome pretty harsh damage.  All in all a great deal at 34.99, only 5 dollars more expensive than most cases.