Air Sharing
is a brilliant program that allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless drive that is capable of connecting to any system through a self-sustained HTTP server.

Now there are already a few programs out there that are similar, but there are a few reasons this program is above the rest. First of all this program is FREE currently.  According to Avatron Software, Inc., this is only a limited time offer for the first 2 weeks after release.  The software was released on 09/08/08 so it should go to its normal price of 6.99 around 09/22/08 so time is wasting!

The program is also the easiest I have come to use.  Was set up in no time, and was able to connect without a hitch.  DataCase has a few nice features and is 6.99 as well but I have not been able to get it to work consistantly, neither have many other users who have posted reviews.

As with DataCase you can also connect via Bonjour or the IP it activly shows you for your iPhone.  There is a nice drag and drop feature once you open a network drive to the phone and it supports all the popular file types.  I was transfering videos and music in no time. For those coders out there it also supports color-coded source code files such as C/C++, Javascript, Java, C#, Ruby, Python and much more!

The last great thing about Air Sharing is not only are you getting the original app for free you get a FREE upgrade to 1.0.1 as soon as it is approved!  It is currently submitted and they are just awaiting Apple’s go ahead.

This app is to great to pass up, for the price as well as the quality. You have about 4 days to get your hands on it before you are forced to pay the 6.99 price tag!  So hurry up!