Quickpwn for Mac OS X

The iphone development team released the long awaited version of Quickpwn today for Mac OS X. This will allow you to quickly jailbreak firmware 2.0.2 without cr…


Apple and AT&T Discussing Official Tethering Option for iPhone?

At&t possibly could be offering a tethering option for the iphone. Allegedly Steve Jobs responded to an email complaint regarding At&t offering tethering for th…


Winpwn 2.5 Beta released

With this latest version you can jailbreak firmware 2.0.2. Ensure you uninstall previous versions of winpwn before upgrading.

Of note, remember for the 3G this will only jailbreak and not unlock.

Download from here:



Pwnage 2.0.3 is out

The latest version of pwnage is now out which will allow you to jailbreak firmware 2.0.3. For those who don't know this is for mac users only.



New version of Installer released: Installer 4.0b6



 This update fixes many bugs and also seems to make Installer work a bit faster. read on for all the new features.I have noticed …


Reorganizing Planet-iPhones Repository on Cydia

Since our entire repository on Cydia consists of mostly themes and mods, we are repacking everything to work with WinterBoard. AND.. In an effort to make na…


Themes, vWallpapers, Sliders, Batteries.. WinterBoard Does It All!

The latest update for WinterBoard packs features that will change the way we customize our iPhone/iPod Touch forever.  With this one app you now have the abil…


WinPwn Released!

WinPwn was released this afternoon enabling windows users to pwn their 2.0.1 iPhone. The process hasn't changed any from the last version.  If you have que…


Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 Released with Installer4 + Cydia!

The iphone-dev team has just released PwnageTool 2.0.2 which jailbreaks the new 2.0.1 firmware.  You can update from within the software if you have the last version installed already. If you do not, it is also av…

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