If you somehow missed out on one of the biggest Apple Keynotes this year, here’s the scoop. Apple revealed their take on background apps (one of the few things the iPhone SDK was missing)… they’re going to utilize PUSH (the same method Yahoo Mail uses to let you know about your mail right away). Steve revealed that the much anticipated Firmware 2.0 would be released early July and that the new iPhone 3G would launch on July 11th. The new iPhone 3G will have 3G (2.8x faster than EDGE), A-GPS (Assisted GPS meaning it uses cell tower triangulation as well as GPS to speed things up), Firmware 2.0 including the AppStore, and… here’s the kicker… will be $199 for the 8gig and $299 for the 16gig. Oh yeah, it’s going to be even slimmer. Firmware 2.0 will be available for all 1st gen iPhones as a free upgrade and will cost $9.99 for iPod Touches.

Watch the whole Keynote Presentation.

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