iPhone SDK Rumor: Apple policing App Distribution via iTunes (I4U)

Apple announced an iPhone SDK event to take place on March 6th and as anticipated rumors will fly high the next week on what the iPhone SDK will be like. iLounge has it that Apple will control the iPhone application distribution via the iTunes store. …


Apple sued over iPhone caller ID (The Register)

‘I spit on your 200 patents’ When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at Mac World back in January 2007, he told the Apple faithful that his portable status symbol was backed by 200 patents. And the Apple faithful cheered. But that hasn’t prevented an onslaught of iPhone-happy lawsuits.…


iPhone 1.1.4 unlock guide, package manager (MacNN)

A Mac-only guide describing how to jailbreak Apple’s iPhone 1.1.4 and SIM unlock the device has surfaced alongside a graphical user interface port of the Debian APT package management system for iPhone. The new guide, posted on IntoMobile, takes users step by step through the process of jailbreaking — or gaining filesystem read/write access — the…


iPhone jailbreak tools updated to open firmware 1.1.4 (The Register)

ZiPhone, iNdependence tweaked The latest version of iPhone activation, jailbreaking and unlocking tool, ZiPhone, has been released. The tool promises full access to Apple’s handset in under five minutes.…


Cydia… The New Installer.app

Cydia. Thank you Jay Freeman (saurik).

Installer.app source = http://apptapp.saurik.com/

I'm sure your first question is… what is Cydia?

Basically its the new Installer.app. Better, faster, stronger… you know the deal. Unlike Installer.app,…


Source: Apple may not restrict free iPhone apps (MacNN)

In spite of fears that Apple may impose tight restrictions on third-party iPhone applications developed with its upcoming SDK, the company may loosen those restrictions for free programs, Electronista has learned. Connected to the same sources which reported early access for select developers — sources which have since been confirmed as accurate …


Bringing Debian APT to the iPhone (IT Manager’s Journal)

The iPhone (or iPod Touch) is a 667MHz computer (albeit one that is only running at 412MHz) with 128MB of RAM and between 4 and 32 GB of flash. For software, it is running a pared down Mac OS X with its standard compliment of a FreeBSD-based userland over a Darwin kernel. While some people wonder why anyone would attempt to use it as a Unix workstation, to me and many others it seems ludicrous …


Report: Apple to retain tight control over iPhone apps (CNET)

A report out Friday, a week before Apple officially reveals details of its iPhone software development kit, suggests the company is planning to keep a tight grip on iPhone development.


iPhone Predictions: Improved E-Mail And Texting (InformationWeek)

Apple should improve the e-mail and texting capabilities of the iPhone and find a way to provide tactile feedback when users touch a key, a usability expert says.


iPodObserver – O2 Reports Great iPhone Success in UK (The Mac Observer)

O2 has reported that the Apple iPhone is the fastest selling device ever in the UK, according to Sky News in Isleworth, Middlesex on Friday. While specific sales numbers were not provided, the carrier credits its recent success in the market to the iPhone

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